Comfort Food

Wow…I miss steak and I’ve already found a replacement for that craving. Beef-less Beef. You can also saute some mushrooms.

I do get the cravings, and to be truthful, I know my body is tired of this 30-day fun. Let me elaborate though…

This is everyone’s inner mental fear. The fear of restriction. Our body mentally, physically, and spiritually cannot handle it. I think it is fun to think about. Thinking about ancient humans, like Adam & Eve, ate whatever they wanted, except that tricky God-forbidden fruit. Cavemen (honestly I’m picturing The Croods here) ate whatever they could find. I also think about spiders. Spiders don’t have to think about, hmm, should I perhaps budget more money to get organic flies? No, they sit and wait. And then suck some blood…I don’t like spiders….

The real point here is that there is no way that we can fight that “comfort food” feeling that we get when we eat that perfect grandmother made biscuits and gravy (or fried chicken!) or when my mom makes her Mandarin Creme Delight (Family recipes…you guys can’t have them I’m sorry). But, what I’ve noticed, is that as soon as I eat, especially if it is something balanced and healthy, my body accepts what it needs instead of what it wants.

Our bodies, especially here in the United States, are so addicted to this way of life. That a “diet” or being “vegetarian” or being “Vegan” can ruin the way we eat, or how we purchase groceries, when that’s not even the problem. If we can overcome this thought that we will have to give up something in order to gain something else, we can truly grow and heal. My health choices are just that, health choices. I used to be obsessed with being skinny, but I’d rather be strong and healthy. But, more importantly be confident in who I am and what I do. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be thinner, or in some cases thicker, but the intent has to be health. The intent has to be confidence in yourself.

In karate, we joke and talk a lot about breaking bricks or boards. Truthfully, the secret? Picture it already broken, then BREAK IT! The more you stare at the brick or board the bigger and thicker it gets. Your mind starts to expand it to more than what it is, and all your left with is a swollen hand or broken bone. But, if you hit it just right and hard, it will break. Life is like this. You have to stand up there and confidently destroy what is keeping you from that bigger thing.

My health and my body are intertwined. No starvation or carb-less diet (Did you know there’s a grapefruit diet? [George Takei voice] Oh myyyy….) is going to make you happy. In fact, if you focus so hard on how you look in the mirror, your belly, butt, thighs will always look bigger (or too skinny) for you. Break your barriers today that are keeping you from a healthy and happy life. No amount of food is worth giving up a piece of who you are.

Also, here is a delightful (and beyond delicious) Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo. YUM!! VeganMartialArtist Approved!


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